The 10 Minute Play Festival


The 10 Minute Play Festival gave international theater artists to collaborate and foster new works in the heart of Paris. The festival was held in December of 2017 at the Fondation des États-Unis within Cité Internationale.

Program I


Written by: James Haillot

With: Chloe Pinson et Paula Veenstra


Written & Directed by: Sam Ely

With: Ysamalis Perez and Jeremy Yeaton

Mind Game Ritual

Written by: Elisa Almeida Castro and Ricardo Righi Filho

Directed by: Sean Hardy

With: Yasmina Gomez and Marie Colombe Lobrichon

Program II

An Infinite Resignedness

Written by: Madison Salters

Directed by: Sultania Dukovic

With: Marie Colombe Lobrichon and Jeremy Yeaton

A 21st Century Romance

Written by: Brianna Williams

Directed by: Whitney Marin

With: Kiana Barry and Stacie Louis-Jacques

The French are Glad to Die for Love

Written by: Cecilia Llompart

Directed by: Charlotte Pleasants

With:Ysamalis Perez, Kristin Kleinman, Sam Ely and Sabella Ibáñez

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