The Lemonade Short Play Festival

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Lemonade Short Play Festival is a new works initiative that reunites diverse and international theatre artists in Paris, France. The festival gives previously unproduced works the chance to workshop and develop new material in either French and/or English. The festival was hosted at the Fondation des États-Unis of Cité Internationale in Paris’s 14th arrondissement in December 2018. The festival’s first incarnation was in 2017 under the name The 10 Minute Play Festival.

Program I

The Sweetest Moments Ever

To be vulnerable, to be raw, to be open, to be free, to be in union and divided and to be broken and healed over and over again, what is the cost of tenderness as it moves from the mundane to the intimate?

Written by: Mary Lou J. Sarazin

Directed by: Weronika Kuśmider

With: Reyna Lauren and Audrey Mikondo

Homeward Bound

For Brits Kez and Hannah, the political is about to become uncomfortably personal in their Paris flat.

Written by: Emma Phillips

Directed by: Thomas Gilroy

With: Danielle Courtenay and Lauren Allen


From their perch on a Parisian park bench, two women discover that the city of lights does not always illuminate the most flattering version of who we are.

Written by: Taylor Scott

Directed by: Elisabeth Boles

With: Carisa Bledsoe and Ginni Luckit

Program II

Pierre and the Mosquito

Pierre is exaltant having finally finished his new play. But a Mosquito has been watching, and he has his own thoughts on Pierre, the play and the world.

Written by: Stuart Caldwell

Directed by: Anwesh Bhattacharya

With: Luca Ferrari and John Edward Romano

Aya et Sayid

A brother and a sister, both migrants, try to cross the border between Austria and Germany despite intense difficulties during the night. They hold on to their memories to keep hope.

Written by: Theo Bonnard

Directed by: Yasmina Sophia Gomez

With: Yasmine Khiat and Helwann Nedjar


After seeing him at a friend’s party, Max decides to call Theo, a misanthropic young man, to try to reconcile him in contact with others.

Written by: Lucas Sekali

With:Bruno Ribuot-Hirsch and Ciaran Cresswell

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